Because of the space that we meet in for our Sunday worship celebrations, we do need to do set-up and tear down of our equipment each Sunday. This is one great way that we can all take ownership of our church, of our community. So if you've been to our church two or more times you're going to end up with a job to do!! (Am I joking? Test me and see!!)

Below is the current schedule for Sunday set-up and Sunday School teachers. It would be great (and greatly appreciated!!) if everyone in attendance could help with the packing up at the end of the service.

Note: If you are unable to make it on a Sunday where you are scheduled it is your responsibility to find a replacement or try and switch shifts with someone else. 

Date Set-Up Snack Sunday School (Y) Sunday School (O)
December 4 No Service at CK--Meeting  at 3 pm at  Norwood   Wesleyan Church
December 11 Team 1 Sara T./Shannon Christie David
December 18 Team 2 Jennifer/Yvonne Christmas Program Christmas Program
December 25 No  Service at CK--Christmas  Eve Service on Dec.24 at 6 pm
January 1 No Service at CK No Service at CK
January 8 Team 3 Donny/Kathy Yvonne Christine
January 15 Team 4 Margo/Angela Yvonne Christine
January 22 Team 1 Janice/Christie Yvonne Christine
January 29 Team 2 Laural/Sara M.  Sara David
February 5 Team 3 Esther/Amanda Sara David
February 12 Team 4 Kristin/Kelly Sara David
February 19 Team 1 Potluck Multigen. Service Multigen. Service
February 26 Team 2 Kennedy/Mandi Christie Christine

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
Luke & Janice Peter & Kelly Ross & Yvonne David & Esther
Amanda Ian & Mandi Andrew & Jennifer Margo
Donny     Rod

Set-up Team Responsibilities    
Please arrive at church at 10:00 am so the set up is complete before others start arriving.
Set-up chairs.      
Make coffee and get hot water for tea ready.    
Set up table and lay out brochures and pamphlets.    
Connect the play mat and set small toy container out for kids.    
Set up table and divider for communion area and put out communion elements.  
Choose one person who will be the greeter and hand out the bulletins.  
Choose two people to collect the offering during the service (there will be designated “counters.”).
Anything else that needs to be done!!    


If you're name isn't on one of these lists and you'd like to add it before I hunt you down, come talk to Wayne or Christie and we will gratefully give you a job to do!!

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Audio Teaching Archive

Each week we try to record and post the Sunday teaching. Check out the archive to view past teachings.


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