Valued Connections


Crystal Kids Youth Centre

Avenue Vineyard Church works in partnership with the Crystal Kids Youth Centre in our community.

"Crystal Kids" serves a demographic of the disadvantaged and impoverished of all ages. Their participants are primarily at-risk youth ages 6-17, younger families with preschool children, the working poor with limited resources ages 18-55, immigrant families just starting out in Canada, and senior citizens on a fixed income.


Vineyard Canada

 The Homepage of the Vineyard family of churches in Canada.


St. Stephen's University

St. Stephen's University is a small, trans-denominational, Christian learning community located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. SSU emphasizes Christian life together in all that they do in St. Stephen and in study overseas (there programs include travel terms).


The Carrot: Community Arts Coffeehouse

The Carrot is a Community Arts Coffeehouse sprouting up from the fertile ground of the Alberta Avenue arts revolution. You can find them at 9351-118 Ave in Edmonton, Alberta. Every Friday and Saturday night they feature live art - be it music, poetry drama, comedy - whatever. During the week, you may also find artists busy at their craft while you sip your excellent espresso!


Rat Creek Press

The Rat Creek Press is a non-profit, volunteer-run community newspaper serving the communities in the neighborhood of our church meeting space. Take a look and get to know our community!!